Can Men Cook?

Yes they can!

About Phil & Links

 Here are some of Phil's many and varied ventures:




This is 'the day job'.  Management and Team development; Corporate Conference presenter; Executive coach and advisor.





...and The River Network is a co-operative of trainers and management consultants.





Old Bull & Bush? Well,  I cook in a posh kitchen, and challenge Jay Dodson to produce the same outside over log fires!  This is a really powerful  team development workshop. We also think it would make a great TV series...




I'm a cook, as you know, and work with Peter Cook, The Rock 'n' Roll Business Guru.  Hence, we are "The Two Cooks" !  We do conference presentations and workshops.




And if you liked the cartoons, go and look at Fran's site.  You will laugh out loud!





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