Can Men Cook?

Yes they can!

Orange Infused Chicken Liver Pâté


• 8oz / 200g frozen (or fresh) Chicken livers


• a few mushrooms – 3 or 4 button


• slice of bread


• one clove of garlic


• zest of ½ orange


• juice of ½ orange


• salt & pepper




• slice of bacon, chopped into small pieces


• a spoonful of Cointreau / brandy / Grand Marnier (best of the three)




Defrost the liver, chop it a bit (you can do this easily with scissors) then fry it in a knob of butter, and a spoonful of olive oil, slowly, until all the meat is browned.  Keep them moving about.  You can see it is cooked through if you split one of the pieces with your egg slice and it is brown, evenly, all the way through.  If you overcook them, it starts to taste a bit metallic (this is the blood changing its chemical nature and giving up its iron molecule, which comes out as that flavour).


Meanwhile, zest the orange and extract juice.  Use a lovely old fashioned juicer – or just squeeze the orange upside down and allow the juice to pass through your fingers.  This stops the pips falling in.


Chop the mushrooms a bit, and then fry them with the liver.



Put the bread, raw clove of garlic, salt and pepper into a food processor, and blend. Add the livers and mushrooms, plus options if desired (N.B, cook the bacon! – fry gently in chopped up bits for about 5 minutes.).


Wash the frying pan out with the orange juice, and transfer to the blender.  Do the same with the liqueur.


Blend.  Leave a bit of texture there, so you can see the orange bits and some of the mushroom – so 10 or 20 seconds, tops.


Scoop into serving dish, and garnish with orange slice / mint etc.


Serve with bread or toast, claret etc….


Eat with your favourite person, and then see what the evening brings…


(Leave to cool before eating, but don’t put in fridge until it has cooled. This only keeps about 48 hours - but you will find it never lasts that long anyway, because your family and friends will have snaffled it all!)




Here's the recipe from my successful appearance on ITV's "Britain's Best Dish".  If you want more recipes, go to the Blog, or the book!

Britain's Best Dish Pate